Arise in Stability 公式サイト DISCOGRAPHY


2nd Album犀礼 / Dose Again(2020)

3way SplitThe Heretic’s Proof(2015)

1st AlbumThe future that amnesiac draws 記憶喪失者の描く未来 (2011)

  • M-1 Maverick's wind
  • M-2 Creation of ruin (MV)
  • M-3 Left infinite time
  • M-4 Unknown grudge crystal
  • M-5 If Jamie's Chinese gong falls on your foot,you must rush to Tibet before it turns crimson
  • M-6 The future that amnesiac draws
  • M-7 Blank that won't exist
  • M-8 Signpost of history
  • M-9 Reflection, study, and result of perversion
  • M-10 A wheel of paradox

  • ¥2,200(税込)

  • 再発盤を下記店舗にて販売中。歌詞の英訳ブックレット付き。
  • Music Revolution 礎